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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Events: Kitchen 29° presents new summer collection

If there is a shop in my town that I love to take photos, that is Kitchen 29° for sure! Beautiful colours, lovely details, cute creations, unexpected designs and of course Ioanna, the shop owner, that make everything with tons of love!

Yesterday, Kitchen 29 presented the new summer collection -----> esc _ summer birds. Of course we couldn't miss it! There were so many nice things that I was so much confused for what to buy! As it is not possible to buy them all at once, I was wondering around lot of time, in a small confusion, drinking at the same time the delicious exotic cocktail that they were offering to everyone! Yes, finally I managed to choose some really nice things!

Also, I cannot mention and of course I cannot forget the chocolate fuzz cake pops that Ioanna had made for the occasion. Except from good looking, they were truly delicious. And when I say delicious I mean it! These small chocolate balls were melting in the mouth offering a full experience of chocolate happiness! Seriously addictive taste!

Visit Kitchen 29 to see the new collection. Everything is handmade! 

Ioanna from Kitchen 29 with a friend
 Chris & Ada & me
Natalia & Ioanna


Natalia said...

αχχχχχχχχ τι ωραίααααααααααααα :D :D :D
love kitchen 29 +blame it on the boogie + cakepops
και περάσαμε superrrrrrrrrr <3

Unknown said...

So many lovely pictures and items!!!
kisses dear

About Last Weekend said...

What a fab store, am loving the look of those stripey tops with a round collar - what a great day out!

Christina Perraki said...

Το όνειρο κάθε δημιουργού είναι να εχει τον δικό του χώρο. Μπράβο στην Ιωάννα που τα κατάφερε. Μπράβο και σε σένα Vero για τις πολύ όμορφες και χαρούμενες φωτογραφίες.

Beauty Follower said...

Πολυ χαριτωμενος χωρος, αχ θελω και εγω γλειφιτζουρι!

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