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Friday, October 30, 2015

You can find me online

Hello again!
Pretty much action lately, right? I was asked from lot of people if I am  still "social" online. Right now you can find me on Pinterest (Veronica Evgenidou). I pin almost everyday mostly outfits, make up and hair inspiration, food recipies, decoration ideas etc. It's like my personal diary for photos that I use as inspiration, so it's things that I am geniune interested. Also, you can find me on Instagram (super_verotronik).

I am glad that you still visit and like my blog, even if it looks a little bit outdated! In two years absence many things have changed in fashion blogs. They are more organised and profesionall. In the one hand I like how they look, but on the other hand I missed all these original fashionistas that had a chance for the first time to be a part of a fashion republic. Everybody was able to show their style and be really creative with their wardarobe because they hadn't stylists and sponsors. Of course I follow the big bloggers right know - I cannot lie - but I remember these days with a nostalgic mood! The best thing of all! All that people that I met through my blog and it is no chance that we would have met in another way!!! Cheers to that!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Events: catwak for a wish

Hello out there!

I may be absent from blogging for a long time - but not from the fashion scene at all! 

So, yesterday I went to a fashion show, one of the few that happen lately in Greece of crisis. It was for a good cause. Make-A-Wish (Greece) wanted to help one more child, that lives with life threatening illness, to see a dream come true. For that reason organised "Catwalk for a wish" at Grand Hotel Palace (Thessaloniki). What is more beautiful from bringing happiness to a child? And what is better from having the chance to help? My point is, even if you are not the type of a person that will go as a volunteer to help other people, you can also help by attending nice parties/ shows/  meetings and have a nice time. But then take some time and think that if you help just by attending a fashion show, how much more help can you provide if you volunteer your time and help and support other people with your presence. Believe me you can bring so much joy, even to the most difficult situation and this is a priceless feeling! Just think and try it!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Designers: Mariloo Katsoni :::: Karavan Clothes

I came across with Karavan clothes accidentally on their facebook page. Of course from the first glimpse they had gain my full attention and I was sure I would write about it!

The girl behind Karavan clothes is Mariloo Katsoni. She may have studied at a first place graphic design and then work as a stylist, but her love for creativity finally lead her not only to enrich her studies with fashion design, but also to launch her own brand! Also, she is a blogger herself and she believes that blogs are today trendsetters. How could I ignore this girl?

Karavan clothes are full of beautiful colours, floral patterns, girly shapes but most of all, they are comfortable and easy to wear all day long! It doesn't matter your age, but your love for a unique appearence.
What I  have loved the most? Of course the bustiers, but also the soft cotton fabrics. The best choice for stylish appearences at hot summer days!

informations about Mariloo Katsoni and Karavan have been taken from her interview on imatiothiki

Sunday, July 7, 2013

inspiration:: Glastonbury Festival:: favourite street style

You know I am a big fan of festival look! But I have to admit that in contrary with Coachella Festival, Glastonbury's street style photos didin't impress me much!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Outfit:: Russel is not only athletic

Which is my favourite background for outfit photos? Obviously the sea! At the same time it is a good excuse for a nice relaxing walk. 
Today, I am mixing my russel athletic shirt in turquoise colour, one of my favourite summer colours, with some vintage touch! Athletic shirts are always so comfortable! Why wear them only at gym?

tshirt- russel athletic | necklace - | trousers - vintage | belt - vintage| scarf - h&m | shoes - random

Mood boards by is a dream of my that has came true! So every day is a new day for creative things! And when you love what you do, they never stop!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Deco:: Beach house decoration ideas

Summer is my favourite season!  Beach/sea/summer decorating staff  are my favourites! The ideal summer decoration for me is something between Hamptons style with a great touch of a classic country house! Of course there would be white - blue - coral red colours! And may be some other like yellow and coral orange. I know it may sound so cliché but I want to have a full amount of summer in my life during that hot season! For now take some ideas for decorating your beach house or just your house and feeling like you are on vacations!

You may notice that photos are placed in a different way and not as usual. Use slide show for an easier way to watch them. Just click on an image and use the arrows to navigate! I would like to give me a feedback if that way is better for you.

 photos found on
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