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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Monday, March 25, 2013

Inspiration: Sheikha Mozah

Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned - first lady of Qatar
She is always well dressed and very glamorous. Her style is Hijab chic but I think that she has an old-Hollywood glam!,,,,

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Events: Accessorize & Monsoon S|S 2013 collection

The best thing about blogging is the events that give you the chance to watch closer fashion collections. The very best thing is to join these events with fellow bloggers, with whom you are good friends from the very first moment you met them - and have a trully great time. 

ACCESSORIZE was so kind to invite us to their renovated shop at Tsimiski 51, Thessaloniki (GR), to have a first touch with their new Spring | Summer Collection! What a joy! Colours, patterns, fabrics, jewelry, bags, pink, gold, blue....every girls heaven! A piece for every style! 

We were like bees to a hive - just to mention that there are lot of accessories with bee pattern in this collection - going around to the shop and touching, trying, getting photos with a dozen of things! 

Let's take a quick look closer.

The collection is separeted to 5 themes:
BLOOM |  english country gardens inspiration
DEBUTANTE | very girly touch
EDEN | urban style bohemia
GEISHA | femine oriental look
INDIGO |  casual aesthetic
and last
BEACH | get ready for the seasons in the sun

Many thanks to the hostesses of the event that made us feel friendly and cosy!
Joanna Tsigarida
Dimitra Gramatikaki

The shop has a great decoration, I couldn't help not to take photos. I think I am very keen on decoration the last monts! Also, it has a different style from all other Accessorize shops. It exists only one more shop with the same decoration at Metro Mall, Athens(GR).

Not to forget to mention that this year MONSOON celebrates 40 years! Happy Birthday!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Outfit: Is that your grandma's coat?

From the very first moment we watched this video clip with Chris, we knew that we wanted to do a photshoot with furs! We are major fans of vintage extavagant clothes (ok maybe I am a little bit more), so with some digging to my closet and Lorelai's help for the photos, here we are with some urban-kitch-doctor zhivago result! I love it! Don't you?

Previous post, trying to wear the leopard/giraffe/lost in the jungle fur in a serious way, here.

furs - vintage

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