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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Designer : Stella Jean

A special élan distinguishes this young emerging fashion designer born in Rome of Caribbean origin, who brings to fashion lessons learned from her unique background. A family tradition devoted to "Enlightenment aesthetic" did the rest, helping the designer win a contest sponsored by Vogue Italy AltaRoma: 'Who's on Next'. Her style reflects her heritage and evokes Creole cultures in which old and new continents meet and their opposing spirits are combined in a femininity conscious of its precious uniqueness. Through the lines of Italian couture craftsmanship vibrate the beats of a sensual elegance. Do not look for a common thread in her collections, because they are reflections of life that draw inspiration from the multi-faceted experience, which vary in their natural evolution.

Fashion should fit the creative and coherent state of the soul, always varying in an effort to remain the same. Stella has the particularity of approaching the creation of clothing directly, bypassing design. Stella's designs marry draping in the style of Vionnet with an understanding of the importance of shaping the dress directly on the body: "because the body has three dimensions, we cannot trust the paper."Creation is an experience of touch, smell and sound. Each sense is essential to the conversation between creator and creation.
Once again, wants to be ... well ... if you like

Saturday, May 26, 2012

SPANAKI bags and some blame it on the boogie

Some of you that follow Blame it on the boogie on social media (facebook | twitter) you may have seen these photos. But as my blog is my fashion diary I want it to post them also here.
So, before a week was Antallages made a fashion party and SPANAKI was participating with her wonderful bags at Fragile bar (Thessaloniki - GR). Also, she was so kind to take us photos holding her designs!

photography: Pavlina Nanou

Visit her site! You can also shop online!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

L'Oreal :: Miss Candy

Today, I had nothing to expect. It was another one cloudy day...until I received a big package. L'Oreal Paris had sent me a wonderful vase full of candies and make up products!!! Of course it made my day! 

But what has the vase inside? Except the colorful candies (chomp chomp) there are products from the new Miss Candy Collection! 

L’Oreal is unveiling Miss Candy Collection this summer – a mouthwatering sugar-sweet selection of swirls, sparkles and shimmering shades. The line will include Glam Shine Lip Glosses, Infallible Eye Shadows and Color Riche Le Vernis Nail Varnishes. 

For the sweetest kisses, L’Oréal Paris has added a delicious mix of two shades to its fabulous gloss range Glam Shine for a richer, more intense sparkle. For sugarcoated spring nails, go for a two-toned mani, the must-have nail accessory for this summer.  Sweep eyelids in pastel swirls and get a totally girly look!
Get rid of that grey winter skin with delicious spring beauty essentials for true radiance. The baby-doll trend this summer has a soft, sorbet palette for standout beauty.

Eyeshadows:  Color Infallible Innocent Turquoise No 031 & Sassy Marshmallow No 032
LipGloss:  Glam Shine Miss Candy No 713
Nailpolish: Sassy Pink No 213 & Innocent Turquoiase No 616

Thank you L'Oreal! :D

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Events: Kitchen 29° presents new summer collection

If there is a shop in my town that I love to take photos, that is Kitchen 29° for sure! Beautiful colours, lovely details, cute creations, unexpected designs and of course Ioanna, the shop owner, that make everything with tons of love!

Yesterday, Kitchen 29 presented the new summer collection -----> esc _ summer birds. Of course we couldn't miss it! There were so many nice things that I was so much confused for what to buy! As it is not possible to buy them all at once, I was wondering around lot of time, in a small confusion, drinking at the same time the delicious exotic cocktail that they were offering to everyone! Yes, finally I managed to choose some really nice things!

Also, I cannot mention and of course I cannot forget the chocolate fuzz cake pops that Ioanna had made for the occasion. Except from good looking, they were truly delicious. And when I say delicious I mean it! These small chocolate balls were melting in the mouth offering a full experience of chocolate happiness! Seriously addictive taste!

Visit Kitchen 29 to see the new collection. Everything is handmade! 

Ioanna from Kitchen 29 with a friend
 Chris & Ada & me
Natalia & Ioanna

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