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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Jennifer Lopez - I 'm into you - videoclip in details!

It's not about the song.

It's not about Jennifer Lopez.

It is about the styling of this videoclip that makes me write this post! Look the details! The clothes, the shoes, the hair, the accessories...everything! I am not used from JLo to be so well dressed!

JLo flew to Chichen Itza in Mexico to film the music video with music video director Melina Matsoukas. The video is based on an old Mayan tale. There is an old Mayan tale about a snake slithering around the pyramids, so Jennifer donned a snake skin flowing dress and slithered around the ruins.

Headwrap by Lanvin and earrings by Tous.

Snakeskin Lanvin dress.

Crystal dress by Chan Luu over a nude bathing suit by Malia Mills.

Fringed dress by Roberto Cavalli.

Giuseppe Zanotti Mirror Cuff Sandals

Necklace by Tous.

A small present for you my ladies! William Levy! ;)


Call me M said...

Ontws poli endiaferonta kommatia auta pou foraei! ligo extreme gia ta gousta mou merika, alla tis pane!
M'aresoun poli ta mallia tis!
Poli sexy i JLo, eidika stin prwteleutaia fwto me tin plexouda, thimizei kati apo Tomb Raider!

Mairyliscious said...

she is gorgeous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Florendia said...

Einai pragmatikai pio kalontumeni kai pio omorfi apo pote!

Pieter said...

Love the Roberto Cavalli dress!
Thanks for sharing! x

rosapelsblog said...

she's so gorgeous !

Miss Aggie Kwong said...

thanks for the nice pictures! looking lovely! :P

Sick by Trend said...

Fabulous analysis! The sunnies are from Gucci :D


Have a nice weekend!

jenna ♥ a little blue said...

i went through a stage where i was a little over ms.j.lo... but i have to say she has been looking AMAZING lately.

the styling of this is definitely perfect. i love everything about it :)

Kristen said...

i'm just jealous she got to wear so many amazing things! she looks stunning too.

oh, and william levy <3. that just made this post even better : )

Anonymous said...

love her outfits

watch this video if you like to get a cheap version of snake pattern outfit:


athier said...

interesting post.
thank you for this.

xo athena.

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