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Monday, November 14, 2011

Outfit: Static but xstatic

It was one of these days that everything goes wrong with your make up from the very first minute, but you have no time to fix it and then something else happens and make things even worse. This is what I wore at the opening of Giorgio Armani Beauty Boutique. Excuse me for my panda eyes, but they were full of tears with no reason and i was crying during our visit to the store. PLUS the heavy rain made things worse, and for my hair too. Then you have two options... to complaining all the time and have a bad mood...or laugh with your mess... I picked the second option and I tried to fix a little bit my make up...but I made it worse! This is Vero...welcome to my life!

Thanks Ada for the pictures! :D

knitwear - sfera
trousers - h&m
shoes - bershka
bag - vintage
chevalier - vintage
necklace - DIY
nail polish - h&m


Patti said...

Love your shoes!!!!

Beauty Follower said...

Great look.
Στην θεση σου θα το δοκιμαζα με μακιγιαζ σε γηινα χρωματα (σαν και αυτο απο τα μποτακια σου).

Elsa said...

Love the outfit but what makes it even more beautiful is your happy attitude :)

Lorelai● said...

emena maressei opws einai...moutzouromeno...eisai wild!

Call me M said...

To outfit sou einai para poli wraio!
Kai to makigiaz sou to vriskw mia xara..Stis kontines fwtografies, den fainetai tipota asximo.
Emena auto pou mou fanike periergo ek prwtis opsews einai oti, nomizw gia prwti fora, den eixes entona xeili...Sinithws exeis kokkina xeili, kai ligotero entono makigiaz sta matia...Itan wraia allagi!

guess? anja. said...

love the knitwear! <3


ifigenia said...

poli omorfo stul!
M'aresoun trela ta nixia sou episis!

Joan said...

τα booties ειναι τελεια! αλλα κ το diy κολιε πολυ πολυ καλο!!

Steffen said...

your shoes are gorgeous! :)

Wye said...

Very nice outfit + I just love the shoes.


Sherin said...

You're Gorgeous. I love the necklace and shoes.

Espia Collection of References said...

siempre con supers looks!!
me encanta

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

This outfit is so cute, I love your shoes and the shirt! The necklace adds detail and the whole outfit looks so gorgeous and cozy! :)

Followed on Twitter, Bloglovin and Blogger! Your blog is amazing <3

Ninja said...

you always have such epic shoes!!! Love it :)

xxx ninja (

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