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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Music Festival fashion

Festival dressing is no simple art: how do you cater for all weathers, look chic when you've no full-length mirror, and negotiate the challenges of dressing up/down? And I am talking when you stay in your camping tend during all the days of the festival!

This summer lots of casual clothes companies have promoted collections especially for festivals, following the UK festival trend and making the essentials for a! There are some essentials for all the festival which have practical timbre or give a more fun tone to these days. I have presented you already h&m against aids which is a festival collection.

Now while you may be tempted to dress in your newest, bestest, sexiest clothes on the off-chance you get to cop off with a star, you'll be crying all the way home when the mud has ruined it all and the only offer you got was from a sludge-covered madman.


Let's start with the ugly essentials:

Footwear: Prepare for both weather eventualities, they normally crop up and if not you can always leave things in the car boot/tent. Do not take platforms, stilettos, kitten heels - you will look stupid, you'll probably break an ankle, and you'll miss most of the festival because it hurts to walk. The emphasis is on comfort.

  • Mud: Wellies/comfy boots, or trainers wrapped in carrier bags.
  • Sunshine: Trainers. Flip flops and uneven tracks are to be avoided - I should know, I broke my toe at last year's Big Chill. Limping across the site for three days is no fun at all.

Waterproof yourself:

Several options here:

  • Take out your nasty school waterproofs and try to squeeze into it - not a good look, or colour scheme.
  • Leave it 'til you get there and grab an army poncho from one of the stores.
  • Adopt the 80s bin-liner look - limited ability to keep you dry.
  • Don't bother and get hypothermia.
  • Pack a decent light-weight one that fits, works and takes up little room so you can carry it with you at all times.

Head: Hats/headscarves are fairly essential at festivals, they'll keep the cold out, keep sunstroke away and cover up your nasty, greasy locks.

Going home: Keep some clean dry clothes to sleep in/travel home in. It really is worth it.

Now onto the fun stuff...

Looking good: The best way to look good whatever the weather is to pick flexible outfits - wear sarongs with wellies, sunnies and your waterproof poncho. In the end you'll all look the same anyway - muddy, greasy and sunburnt. Avoid wearing soaking clothes the whole week, unless you like chaffing...


  • Shorts or three-quarter length combats (gotta love those pockets, plus you can hose the mud off your legs).
  • T-shirt and hooded top/shirt.
  • At the risk of sounding like yer mum, make sure you have warm clothes for the evenings - it will get cold (yes, that means jumpers).


  • Face/body paint.
  • Henna tattoos.
  • Odd hairstyles sprayed blue/green/red (although you will look like a twat).
  • Mad hats with bells on (see above comment).
  • Sunglasses.


  • Bikini top/bright vest tops (but remember the sunscreen even if it's cloudy, and cover up over lunchtime - burnt boobs aren't sexy).
  • You can be fashionable this season - work the shorts look and be practical and cool. Micro, over tights, city, baggy - my, there really is something to suit you all.
  • Skirts/sarongs (on their own in the sun or over flares/with knee-high stripy socks in mud).
  • Leg warmers, chunky hippy jumpers, scarves etc. - even if it's sunny, the nights will be cold.


  • Fairy wings (although you won't look as good as me).
  • Glitter/face paint.
  • Make-up - only take bare essentials if any, plus some cleansing wipes.
  • Odd hairstyles/bright hair dye.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Hairbands/clips - Unless you have a skinhead you will need them.

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humtv said...

I love music.

humtv said...

I love music.

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Greatt post! and thnx for your lovely comment=)

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poly kalo post .keep posting :)


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