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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Yellow shoes

Yellow shoes! A trend that has started last year and the past days has stuck in my mind! I want a pair of yellow shoes! I think it is a good alternative to the nude colours, which dominate sandals this summer! Before a few years red shoes where introduced as the ultimate colour for our shoes. I was a huuuge fan and I remain a fan. But yellow seems that may replace my obsession. I hope not introducing a new one!!!
millions of yellow shoes!!!
I found photos of Olivia Palermo who gives a fresh blow to a rather boring outfit with dull colours, only by pairing brigh yellow high hills shoes!
yellow shoes

( I made my alternate combination which i find much more fresh and easy to wear it. Just wear a pair of jeans, a light blue Chemise and yellow shoes.)

So, i think this is the perfect pair of shoes to starτ the spring. It is not as daring as you think! Just they will make stand out in a good way. I still search for the perfect pair!


λού said...

θελω λεμονί γόβες.και ένα λεμονί άνορακ

VeRo! said...

as 3exi8oume sthn agora na ta vroume!!!!

Vivian said...

eida sth fena christian louboutin peep toe slingbacks sxedon 12 pontoi takouni se fluo kitrino!mia omorfia!

VeRo! said...

auto pou molis eipes einai to ideato kai to apoluto papoutsiko!
3eroume timh? dioti upoptevomai pws gia na tis apoktisoume enas kalos tropos einai na agoraseis esi to ena papoutsi k egw to allo! stis mones meres 8a ta foras esu, stis zuges egw!!!

evi said...

to xrwma einai teleio!
zilevw! thelw ki egw!

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