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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bench it

Municipality of Athens has a great idea! It gives the opportunity to everbody to choose the design of the new benches in the city of Athens.

There are two competitions:
The first is the Athens Bench Mark industrial design contest. The public will vote for the best 100 benches and then a committee will choose the best three. One of them will be the winner and decorate the new benches throughout Athens. Everybody can participate, provided that they submit their ideas until 6th April. At the same time we can rate the submission on a scale of 1 to 10 until April 14th.
The second is the visual contest Future Bench. Future Bench is a parallel competition to Athens Bench Mark. The competition is different in that it allows artists and designers free range of their artistic expression without technical guidelines to limit them. Once again, the public will vote which fifty designs/creative proposals they like best. The proposals with the highest scores win the Audience Award for most voted design. The fifty proposals will then be placed for an exhibition show titled “Future Bench”. Additionally, the evaluating committee will select the top three proposals and accordingly award the winners prizes by rank of choice. The competition ends April 26th and the public can rate until April 29th.
Finally, the rest of us with no designing abilities can be volunteers to this act. City technicians will organize and guide teams to refurbish old benches into new.

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