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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Designers: Russell Athletic

Normally this time around I would have purchased my summer outfits for my gym classes. Unfortunately, a severe injury just let me lying on the couch for several days and counting the days to go back...and they not even close. But the past year athletic clothes are really into my outfits, I try to wear them at work - ok in casual Fridays - of course in a more formal and glamorous way. If you could let me to go with my pyjamas at work, I would definetely do it every day!!! 

But today let's talk about Russell Athletic. A brand that I used to wear when I was at school and then enjoy the hoodies of my male friends at cold summer nights. I love stylish things you know it, and when it comes to athletic clothes much more. But at the same time you know my love for classic clothes! This combination I find it at Russel Athletic clothes. I will not write anything else. Just read the story and take a look at the summer collection. I am sure you will understand my point! 


For over a 100 years, Russell Athletic has made innovative athletic apparel, active wear, and casual wear. It all started in Alexander City, Alabama USA, in May 1902, with 10 sewing machines, 8 knitting machines, and a 26 years old man named Benjamin Russell. The original mill produced ladies undershirts and children’s undergarments with a beginning capacity of 150 garments daily.

The ‘Sweatshirt’ is attributed to Benjamin Russell Junior, who was playing football for the University of Alabama at the time.
Knowing the comfort and durability of cotton, he suggested to his father that an all cotton version of the original woollen football jersey be produced in order to avoid the chaffing and discomfort caused by sweating in wool.
This change in fabric content resulted in the inception of the ‘sweatshirt’ as we know it today.

Founder Benjamin Russell died on December 16th 1941 and the reins of the company were passed to his son Benjamin c. Russell.
During World War Two, Russell’s ‘athletic’ Division sold primarily to the military. Shirts, drawers, t-shirts, athletic garments and special outer garments were made for the army and Navy. Benjamin c. Russell died in
1945 and was succeeded as president by his brother, Thomas D. Russell. After the War the company embarked on further expansion and development throughout its knitting, weaving, dyeing, finishing and cutting departments. Alexander City High School was renamed Benjamin Russell High School in honour of the founder of the Russell brand.

During the 1960’s the ‘athletic’ division was the largest marketer and manufacturer of athletic apparel and uniforms in the USA.
By 1962 Russell manufacturing company had changed its name to Russell Mills, Inc. and began using the american eagle to represent its iconic brand image. Then in 1973 Russell Mills, Inc. name was changed again to Russell Corporation and expanded manufacturing across Southern USA, also to Latin America and across the Atlantic to Scotland.

By the 1990’s Russell Athletic® became one of the largest suppliers of athletic team uniforms in Major League Baseball, NFL, college and high school sport programs through to little league.

In may 2002, Russell celebrated its 100th anniversary. The brand had come a long way from its early origins in Alexander City, Alabama.

Spring | Summer collection 2013

> Vintage Rusell
for an original and classic athletic style 
> University Store Collection 
for a pure college style
> Russell Arch Logo Collection
new colors for the most well known collection of logo tshirts

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