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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Meet Mary Katrantzou

The internationally famous Greek designer Mary Katrantzou, for the first time in Thessaloniki for an exclusive presentation!

In an original event, Mary Katrantzou exhibits her unique creations and she presents her Autumn - Winter 2011 collection.

Mary Katrantzou promises to travel us in the world of fashion, as she reflects in her collections.

The young designer that lives and designs in London, comes for the first time in Thessaloniki in order to initiates her fans into her secrets.

In a live interview, you will have the chance to know the designer that impresses with her creations.

There will be an exhibition with her previous collections and you will have the chance to admire the prints and the graphics that made her famous. Also, you will be lucky to taste gourmet flavors with the signature of Christoforos Peskias.

The experienced makeup artists of Lancôme will take care the makeup, while talented Dimitris Giannetos, Hair Stylist of L'Oreal Paris, will make the hairstyling, with Elnett hairspray. Mary Katrantzou’s collection is sold exclusively in Anna Kapsali’s shop STYLE FAX.

7 September 2011


@ Science Center and Technology Museum "Noesis"

    (6Th Km. Thessaloniki - Thermi Road)

A part of proceeds will be given to the National Association of Women's Sports "Kallipatira".



Emmanuelle said...

Θα πας, έτσι? Θέλω πολλές πολλές φωτό!!!! :)

Call me M said...

Akougetai poli endiaferon alla den nomizw na mporesw na paw...Kai eimai k konta. Ase pou den exw pote parea gia kati tetoia!
esi tha pas? Vgale merikes fwto na doume kai emeis! hehe

David Diaz said...

Cool post! :D

Have a Good Day!


Μοντέρνα Σταχτοπούτα said...

Πολύ καλή εμπειρία!! Μακάρι να μπορούσα να είμαι εκεί! Περιμένουμε φωτογραφίες φυσικά!! hehe

Christina Perraki said...

Μου αρέσου πολύ τα ρούχα της και μου αρέσει πολύ και ο χώρος που θα γίνει η έκθεση. Καλά να περάσεις!!!!!

Selvaggia Capizzi said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous dresses!

Dirt On The Rocks said...

Her pieces are beautiful and different. I love the use of patter she has for some of the pieces :)

Y said...

Beautiful clothes =) Follow each other??



aw an pas polu tuxerh!! i love her designs!

Froso M. said...

Perimenoume photos!!!!!

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