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Monday, August 29, 2011

Still on vacations....last visit...Olympia

I am still on vacations...don't hate me!

The past weekend we visited Olympia to attend the wedding of our beloved friends Dimitra & Dimitris. My sister was also the best woman. And I had the best position of the whole wedding...the best woman's sister!!!!!!!! hahahah

Olympia is the place where the Olympic Games were sited in the ancient Greece.

We had some time to visit places around and have fun. Beautiful places and perfect for relaxation.

For four days I was ordering my coffee medium with milk, but in every cafe nobody was adding milk. Don't know why...and believe me I am talking loud! :P

Everywhere around were watermelon fields....i think like that would be paradise for me! Yes I adore watermelons!

About the wedding. A nice simple wedding, as every wedding should be! We hepled the bride to be prepared and to go to the church. You can call me Pippa Middleton if you like...I was holding the bride's dress! :PPP

I can also say, at the wedding party the food was perfect but the DJ broke my heart when I started to dance disco....he just change the music....:/ I won't call you to my party mr. Dj...never!!!!

Before the wedding, a hairdresser came to my room to make my hair and also Maria was our make up artist and she made wonderful job. If you live in Athens and you want a make up artist or a nail artist who pays attention to details and makes really good work....Maria is for you! :D

Take a small taste....I wanted to shot more photos...but I hadn't the time...or battery to my camera!

I want them all!!!!!


do it like Pippa Middleton :P
Olympia train station


Lorelai● said...

ade re filenada kai sta dika mas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

Sarah Swell Jewelry said...

what beautiful pictures! looks like a wonderful trip!

Dirt On The Rocks said...

aww how wonderful! the event looks fantastic and beautiful!

Call me M said...

Para poli wraio to malli!
Teleies photo!
Kai egw to savvato se gamo imouna! Polloi gamoi teleytaia!

Christina said...

Εύχομαι και στα δικά σου!

Raffaella said...

great pics!!! =D

buffalo schuhe said...

cool blog!

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