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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

DIY: make a beaded fringe Tshirt with painted anchors

Of course, most of the steps are optional. You can decorate your Tshirt however you like and I'll be glad to show me your creations!

There are other ways to cut the fringe but I think that this is the easier and help to be the fringes even and symmetrical.

I have used men Tshirt.

If you have any question don't hesitate to ask me!

And this is the anchor. Print it in whatever size you like!
click on the pic for a bigger edition


Lorelai● said...

xaxa...teleio re, eidika auto to fringe...pws maresei mu thimizei ta paidika forematakia pou forusame!bravo verotronik!!

starlet said...

wouuww this looks wonderful and very easy :)

Wyetha said...

This is a "can do" DIY + you make it look so easy.


Thrift_Queen said...

very nice:) the painting seems hard for me, but the fringe is do-able:)))

Francesca R said...

This is a great tutorial!!! I want to try!

Emelia said...

Τι γλυκούλι!!! Περιμένω να σε δω να το φοράς :)

Dirt On The Rocks said...

great diy! i've thought about going around looking for fringe tops at a thrift store.. but this is smart!

kot-itsa said...

wraio...alla ama balw konto mplouzaki ti 8a kanw thn 3 mhnwn-k kala- koilara mou?
ayta ta sexouliarika einai gia sas ta niata!

Call me M said...

Fainetai poli eukolo, mexri kai egw tha mporousa na to kanw! Sigxaritiria, to ekanes poli kalo!
Mou thimizei k mena ta paidika mas forematakia. Nomizw eixa arketa tetoia mikri.

the sparkling dust said...

I'm definitely gonna make it too! Thankyou <3

My Favorite Pieces said...

love this tutorial.I did a similar design with a white tank top,with fully beaded fringes.I love this


Amy Cappelli said...

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