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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wear vintage.....part 2....the photoshooting!

First of all, I would like to thank wear vintage guys (Anthi and Kostantino) who had this great idea, to photo shoot the fashion bloggers of Thessaloniki with some of their vintage clothes collection. The concept was a day in the forest doing picnic, but finally it turned out to just a walk in the forest with a bunch of people who wearing really strange clothes (yes, the time machine works!!!!). We really enjoy the people around us, who were wondering what we are going to do!!! We really had great time and really fan, despite our tiredness. Here, I have some backstage photos, just to take a little taste......

In the photos you will see: alex, anthi, christina, eleni, froso, kostantino (as the photographer), lorelai, lou and me

For the start, a lovely video edited by lou! :)))

Y0u can watch that I look like a prom queen (yeaaaah finally I managed to be!!!!!!). I didn't expect such a result, but is was really funny and I eanjoyed a lot (of course I had the behaviour of a prom queen!!!! Did I tell you that I am F A B U L O U S?!?!?!?! :PPPPPP)

And then.....some photooooooossss!!!

Christina , Kostantinos, Anthi, Eleni

Trying to set the scene

The picnic basket

lou and alex

me and my lovely lovely emerald dress

just trying to find a rhythm

just lou....and the photo bomber alex!

the soldier and the girl <3

Anthi and her lollipop!

in action

as always photos with lou are great!

natural as always....:P

eleni and lorelai

Froso and Christina


Alexander V said...

hahahaha! Amazing work! Love it! :)

Christina said...

super! Mhhhhpws mporeis na mou tis steileis original?! H tis exeis mono epeksergasmenes? K etsi den me peirazei!

Froso said...

Loving them!!!!!

Sharon said...

love ur dress..u look amazing&ur friends as well..looks like u had fun..thanx for sharing hun

eelectroCutee said...

it looked like that you had fun.. Can't wait to see the next post..:)

sofi moukidou said...

apla teleies fotos!

Closet Fashionista said...

How fun!!! :D

kelsea said...

this is a fantastic project!! i loved watching the making-of video <3

Lena said...

Apisteftes photos girl!!! Fun times...! Kai to forema sou... Prom queen mia allis epoxis!!! :))

Love, Lena!

Cylia said...

it is very warm aswell:)


Sanny said...

All of you are so cute! I miss prom night already (: It feels like decades ago LOL love the outfit too!

Have a good one, darl (:

Sanny's Head to Heart

Ayanna Michelle said...

those blues are AMAZING. and I love the white gloves. Great post!

fashion provocateur said...

cute cute love the vintage look:)
great post again girl!

Espia Collection of References said...


Le garçon avec les lunettes said... words...only one: fantastic!!!

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